Saturday, May 24, 2008

"He has not repented!!"

Al-Hasan bin Shaqeeq said: We were with Ibnul-Mubaarak when a man came to him. So he (Ibnul-Mubaarak) said to him: “are you that jahmee!” He said: “Yes.” He said: “When you leave from me then do not come back to me!” So the man said: “But I have repented.” He said: “No, not until there appears from your repentance the like of that which appeared from your bid’ah!”

[Ash-Sharhu wal-Ibaanah of Ibn Battah (#150)]

Salaam bin Abee Mutee’ said: A man said to Ayyoob – as-Sikhtiyaanee -: “O Aboo Bakr! Indeed ‘Amr bin ‘Ubayd has returned from his opinion [i.e. repented from his bid’ah]!” He said: “Indeed he has not returned (from his opinion).” He said: “Yes, (he has) O Aboo Bakr! He has returned!” Ayyoob said: “Indeed he has not returned (from his opinion)” – three times –“he has not returned (from his opinion). Have you not heard his saying (Sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam): ((They will pass through the Deen just like the arrow passes through the target. Then they will not return to it until the arrow returns to it’s bowstring)).”

[Sharh Usool al-I’tiqaad of al-Laalikaa’ee (#286)]