Saturday, November 25, 2006

Monthly Lecture - Thursday December 7th

This months lecture, an explanation of the hadeeth "Whoever treads a path in seeking Knowledge, Allaah will make easy for him a Path to Paradise", will be held in the home of Br. Bilaal Nance in Sabah as-Saalem Area.

This important talk will be given by Br. Abu Abdillaah Nabeel Chougle, one of the brothers who have spent time studying with the Salafee scholars of Kuwait.

Call Br. Bilaal @ 649-8687 for more info or for directions.

  • There is an area for sisters so the lesson is open for both men and women
  • Brothers and sisters are reminded that seeking knowledge is an act of worship, so those things that disrupt the lesson and others, such as mobile phones, children running loose, etc. should be avoided.